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The Certified Hyperlocal Real Estate Specialist designation was created to help real estate Agents learn how to become a trusted local real estate expert who has the advanced skills and training to benefit their Buyer and Seller Clients. Agents with the Certified Hyperlocal Real Estate Specialist designation are trained in analyzing market data and trends to provide insights that benefit their Clients and help them to
make better decisions when buying or selling homes. They learn how to acquire a deep understanding of the local community on multiple levels: government regulations and codes, HOA rules and regulations, educational resources, the business community and more. They become a trusted resource for their Clients and a valued member of the community. They succeed at a high level by delivering great value to Consumers, and build business built to last.


This designation was developed by Elite Agent Systems, LLC, a company founded to help dedicated real estate professionals build powerful careers focused on delivering great value to Consumers.

A percentage of all profits are donated to first time homebuyer programs to promote homeownership. Homeowners are the foundation of great communities, and Elite Agent Systems, LLC is committed to advancing the skills of real estate professionals and the communities that they serve.